OTC Brokerage


In 2019, Dadiani Syndicate launched its OTC desk, helping HNWIs and Institutional Investors take significant positions in the BTC market. We offer this service in partnership with trusted and regulated entities, with zero counter-party risk procedure and comprehensive insurance.


In response to industry demand for large volumes of BTC with minimal injury to the markets (slippage), we have created a procedure which protects both our buyers and sellers whilst simultaneously offering seamless trade coordination. We are proud to offer a bank* standard of coin through our network of trusted sellers and mining partners.

Utilisation of digital trade routes for trade coordination


Internal handicaps, moving currencies, different jurisdictions among other variables country to country, all contribute to the challenges businesses face in coordinating trade agreements and executions. The blockchain is a unifying foundation upon which a ‘coincidence’ is formed allowing for better coordination and more efficient trade. Utilising an in-depth understanding of the blockchain and its foremost application (cryptocurrency), we are able to offer our knowledge in helping businesses from around the world conclude bilateral trade with minimal difficulties.


High Value Asset acquisition via crypto-currency


In 2017, Dadiani Syndicate was founded on the principle that only a solid, efficient exit from virtual wealth would thereby solidify its real world value. We facilitated numerous exit strategies for our crypto-wealthy clients via acquisitions of High Value Assets across different verticals: fine art, classic and F1 cars, bloodstock and property amongst others.

Prior to the existence of stable-coins (relatively low-volatility crypto-assets) designed to act as digital wealth storage on the exchanges to avoid market volatilities, the only safe store of wealth that could protect the actual digital asset but not its value against market volatilities, was cold storage. Yet and still, cold-storage is not an exit from virtual wealth and remained vulnerable to market fluctuations.

The advent of challenger and crypto-friendly banks provided a much more fungible and efficient solution for clients wishing to exit their digital holdings. Thereby the prime function of Dadiani Syndicate has evolved into OTC brokerage.