About Dadiani Syndicate

Dadiani Syndicate is the world’s first special purpose vehicle formed around the issue of global trade coordination and digital wealth conversion into real wealth. Our prime function is to facilitate foreign investment into the UK markets utilising crypto-economic means ; this is done via diverse channels. Dadiani Syndicate operates as a nexus between global investors and the UK Private Sector. Likewise, we facilitate the same entry points for UK investors into foreign markets through similar means.

Eleesa Dadiani, Founder and CEO

Eleesa Dadiani is an art dealer, crypto-economist and broker. She is the founder of Dadiani Fine Art, the first fine art gallery in Europe to begin trading in cryptocurrencies and the first gallery in the world to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as payment for works of fine art. This led to the formation of Dadiani Syndicate. Eleesa is a contributor to various publications within the crypto sphere and beyond. She has been credited by many as a pioneer in the creation of peer-to-peer, borderless trade through the Dadiani Syndicate platform.

Digital Trade Routes

This is a unique platform, pioneering digital trade routes via the blockchain. Because of our sensitive, personal approach to each individual case, the purpose of this instrument is to formulate unique investment opportunities structured around the geographic positioning, internal impediments and the unique needs of our clients. Digital trade routes are virtual strategic trade lines between nation states. They identify participant countries as a result of a global necessity. These Routes are enabled by the blockchain, circumventing common bureaucratic and economic obstructions, thus allowing for efficiency and uniformity in global trade solutions.


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