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Dadiani Syndicate was founded in 2017 on the principle that wealth conversion and transfer of wealth from virtual holdings into real world assets was a challenging and complex process prior to the advent of challenger and crypto-friendly banks. With a network of trusted partnerships, we helped our clients realize their wealth in a low-risk and relatively inexpensive process of the transference of crypto-assets into high value assets such as fine art, rare cars, bloodstock and real estate amongst others.

Dadiani Syndicate is an evolving company offering varied solutions within the ever changing industry it services, with a special focus on OTC block trades.

Eleesa Dadiani, Founder and CEO

Eleesa Dadiani is an art dealer, market-maker and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Dadiani Fine Art, the first fine art gallery in Europe to begin trading in cryptocurrencies and the first gallery in the world to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as payment for works of fine art. Together with Maecenas, Dadiani was the first to successfully tokenise a blue-chip painting: Andy Warhol’s “14 Electric Chairs”. This led to the formation of Dadiani Syndicate. Eleesa is a contributor to various publications within the crypto sphere and beyond. She has been credited by many as a pioneer in the creation of peer-to-peer, borderless trade through the Dadiani Syndicate platform.

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